What We Do

The Inini Way


Inini works with a qualified, BPS accredited counselling therapist to provide one-to-one psychological consultations (50 minute sessions) to discuss personal issues and to find ways to refer beneficiaries to the right support. The therapist is of BME background and works to build relationships with individuals so they talk openly about past experiences, trauma and concerns. She also offers group therapy.


Workshops & Training

Through our workshops we provide an in-depth understanding around different issues that may affect the mental health of members of the BME community. The workshops may be a single workshop, two sessions, six or twelve weeks depending on the topic. Our workshops are always evolving as we identify needs of the BME community. We have workshops aimed at understanding mental health issues, confidence building, and intervention support for young people and parents.

Health Research

Evidence shows that BME communities are under-represented in health research and hence, at Inini we believe in carrying out research to influence the development of adequate interventions for this community group. We are working with Dr Mathew Nyashanu who has carried out extensive research on BME communities. Some of his work can be viewed here


Drop-in/peer support group

Our drop-in provides an informal space for people to come and connect or engage with others. This maybe done with a particular purpose in mind such as seeking information and advice or support in dealing with various issues they may be facing. This can range from seeking help to put a CV together to seek employment or guidance on how to respond to service providers. Where circumstances allow we accompany clients to important meetings when they lack confidence or communication skills to do so on their own. At the very least being able to provide a place where our clients can engage with others on a weekly basis can help alleviate isolation which may cause distress.

Young People Drop-in Sessions

Inini Initiative recognises the importance of investing time and support in young people. Young people from BME communities face challenges that are specific to them such as issues to do with their identity. Growing up balancing different cultural influences while trying to figure out what their place in society is. Rejecting the stereotype where low expectations are placed on the young people from an early age. We offer drop-in sessions on different days for girls and boys as these allow us to take an in-depth approach to addressing the needs of our clients in a safe and confidential environment. Support can be in the form of providing a mentor especially for those with a challenging family background.


Group Activities

Inini offers a range of focused group activities. Our group work sessions are structured with each session having a purpose or emphasis. 

Inini Activities


Community Life

Encourages members of the group to develop a sense of community by helping them to understand their environment (local community). We support them gain confidence in getting around and accessing resources are available to them within their local community. This will give them a feeling of belonging and a sense of responsibility for the future of the city..

The Book club

The book club explores language and culture. This supports our clients grow confidence in communication skills and understanding English cultural norms which are part of everyday life. This is done through the lives of chosen authors. A critical analysis will be used by the group to explore what the authors will be trying to convey while considering their own experiences.


sound of music

Music is a universal language that helps people communicate their thoughts and feelings regardless of cultural differences and language barriers. Members of the group will be led by experienced instructors to explore different sounds and instruments such as drums and mbira. This creates a fun and relaxed atmosphere for members of the group to engage in a therapeutic and creative way.


my health

Members of the group are supported to develop an understanding of the benefits of engaging in behaviours that promote good well being such as maintaining a good diet and exercise. They are also given skills on how to manage their mental health and stress levels.


Soul Food

Food symbolises hospitality to BME communities and what better way to relax and feel at home than sampling the different cuisines enjoyed by members of the group who come from different backgrounds and cultures as well as towns and cities across the country. Exploring British home-grown foods and tastes made by local producers as members connect and engage. This leaves them relaxed enough to participate in difficult conversations such as discrimination and mental health.


my family life

Inini provides a space where people can receive support and encouragement around family life. Together we explore various issues that are part of day to day family living such as parenting, family breakdown and working through different crisis situations that come up in life.

covid-19 lockdown food hamper support

Providing food hampers for refugees and asylum seekers during the COVID-19 lockdown.

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