Post of Community Engagement Officer

Background Information

We have secured funding through the National Lottery Community Fund to deliver a three-year project aimed at supporting BAME communities overcome the challenges they face while trying to integrate into their communities which usually induces mental health problems.

About Inini Initiative Ltd

Our organisation believes mental health to be amongst the major causes of poverty in BAME communities. Hence, we support these communities tackle the challenges they face trying to integrate into their communities that often induces mental health problems.  Evidence shows that in the UK mental health problems are more common in BAME communities than they are in mainstream communities. For this reason, we deliver a series of mental health awareness raising events, mental health training, one to one confidential psychological coaching, advocacy and give information on services available and how they can be accessed. We also hold a weekly peer support group which provides an informal space for people to meet and connect. This may be with a particular purpose in mind, such as seeking information, advice or support in dealing with an issue they may be facing such as how to respond to a service provider or just to chill and relax with others.

Our Mental Health Recovery Project

We will engage with BAME communities who have been affected by Covid-19 and are facing isolation, social exclusion, unemployment, bereavement, homelessness and destitution. We will support them tackle these challenges and deliver a series of mental health/Covid-19 awareness raising events working in partnership with other VCS organisations.

Our Community Engagement Officer will work with individuals to assess their health and social needs with a specific focus on mental health to determine the level of support required. They will develop and implement a support plan to be reviewed regularly. Person-centred support will be offered, and individuals will be signposted to other agencies if need be.

Job Description

Post:                            Community Engagement Officer

Salary:                         £22,000 – 30,000 pro-rata

Closing Date:               20 June 2021

Interview Date:           23 & 24 June 2021

Duration:                    3 years

Organisation:             Inini Initiative

Accountable to:         Chief Executive

Location:                    30 City Arcade, Coventry, CV1 3HW

Hours of work:           20 hours per week – there may be occasional evening or weekend work

Chief Duties:               To help people feel positive above themselves, support them access social services and build social connections in order to reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation through participating in the Inini Peer Support Group and other community activities

Specific Duties

  1. To identify potential clients that are isolated and lonely, destitute and/or experiencing mental health problems.
  1. Ensure that service standards and quality measures of Inini/community/client needs, and demands are established, implemented and monitored.
  1. Facilitate the Inini Peer Support Group. Encourage clients to try new activities, build new relationships and their confidence.
  1. Keep records of all activities/interventions and ensure internal database is kept up to date
  1. Build effective working relationships with staff from other agencies. Where appropriate work in partnership to develop new practices that reduce isolation and create new opportunities for people to connect.
  1. To support the general activities of Inini Initiative including raising awareness of mental health, responding to community activity related queries via telephone/email.
  1. To recruit and manage volunteers.
  1. Contribute to the achievement of Inini Initiative’s outcomes/outputs as set out in the project plan.
  1. Undertake regular monitoring and evaluation of the project and its impact with clients/stakeholders.
  1. To develop a range of marketing materials including social media to promote the project.
  1. Consistently follow on Covid-19 and immigration regulatory changes, government regulations etc and update clients and relevant teams.
  1. To provide content for Inini Initiative’s Zine and website about the project; for example, sharing success stories of beneficiaries.

General Duties

  1. Deal with telephone, postal enquiries and visitors as appropriate. Ensure that all clients receive a high level of customer service and that all enquiries are dealt with promptly.
  1. Attend staff meetings and other internal meetings as required, and in general contribute to and otherwise support Inini Initiative events, activities and publications.
  1. Undertake other necessary, reasonable duties and appropriate tasks as requested by the Chief Executive.
  1. To carry out the duties of the post at all times in accordance with Health and Safety at Work, Equal Opportunities and all other Inini Initiative policies and procedures.


30 City Arcade, Coventry, CV1 4 HW. There will also be times when the post holder will need to travel around the city.









·         Experience of engaging people and building professional relationships

·         Experience of working with a diverse range of people

·         Experience of monitoring and evaluating projects

·         Experience of planning/project management

·         Experience of recruiting and managing volunteers

Qualifications and skills

·         Excellent communication skills

·         Ability to undertake routine administration using MS Office

·         Ability to engage with a diverse range of audiences

·         Ability to work alone and as part of a wider team

·         Mental Health First Aid Certificate

·         Experience of using social media platforms to share information

·         Ability to develop a team of motivated volunteers

·         Experience of working with asylum seekers and refugees

·         Educated to degree level preferably in a social sciences discipline

·         Counselling certificate

Knowledge and understanding

·         Understanding of mental health problems among BAME communities

·         Understanding of the impact of Covid-19 on BAME communities

·         Knowledge of basic immigration policies particularly – No Recourse to Public Funds policy

·         Understanding of health and safety issues

·         Awareness of diversity and equality issues

Personal attributes

·         Self-starter

·         Outgoing and enthusiastic approach

·         Passionate about social justice


Please note – this post requires DBS approval



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